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Daily Fitbit stats

January 15, 2013

My fitbit #fitstats for 1/14/2013: 1,865 steps and 0.8 miles traveled.


Daily Fitbit stats

January 14, 2013

My fitbit #fitstats for 1/13/2013: 127 steps and 0.1 miles traveled.

Daily Fitbit stats

January 13, 2013

My fitbit #fitstats for 1/12/2013: 520 steps and 0.2 miles traveled.

Daily Fitbit stats

January 12, 2013

My fitbit #fitstats for 1/11/2013: 3,248 steps and 1.5 miles traveled.

Daily Fitbit stats

January 11, 2013

My fitbit #fitstats for 1/10/2013: 1,885 steps and 0.8 miles traveled.

Daily Fitbit stats

January 10, 2013

My fitbit #fitstats for 1/09/2013: 7,956 steps and 3.6 miles traveled.

Hello, Newman — errr, Gym.

August 6, 2012
"A year from now you will wish you had started today."

So August has brought some significant changes in my life. It’s month 4 at Firebrand (the studio where I work) and we’ve been talking about taking care of ourselves so we can take care of what else is important to us — you know, the whole put-your-own-oxygen-mask-on-first-and-THEN-help-the-children kind of scenario. And while I completely agree with this sentiment, it takes a little more than positive thoughts to make things happen.

Enter a re-dedication to health. We are buying more healthy foods and stocking the fridge at work with healthy lunch options, and I’m trying my hardest to record the damn food and water intake, as well as the exercise. Yes, I am even visiting the gym and working out. It’s gotten that ugly.

It’s such a strange feeling to walk into a new gym; you feel EVERYONE is staring at you wondering what wrong turn you took to get there because CLEARLY you don’t belong. And I also realize that’s my inside voice of fear, squeaking with trepidation. And that’s okay, because I also know from experience that it doesn’t last for long as long as you keep pushing yourself through those doors. And so I push. Three times a week, I am pushing my ass off my chair and going to the gym. And right now that doesn’t consist of anything more than getting on the elliptical for a damn half hour three times a week.

But that’s a damned hour and a half more than I was doing.

Go Robin, go.